Enjoy this quality webcam picture of Eridan with a Squiddle that I’m going to use to jump into my next ramble.

Am I the only one who thinks that there might be some relation between Eridan and Skipper Plumbthroat?  The thought was sparked by this.  Listen to the whole thing, and tell me you don’t hear Eridan’s theme (particularly at 2:20).  On top of that there is Plumbthroat’s over all arrogant, yet pathetic and hopeless air.

Okay, yes, this is more wishful thinking BUT it’s not like Eridan isn’t known for shooting at beings that he’s been told were consorts before.  Something about Eridan trying to kill the Eldergods from his dreambubble makes me clap my hands.

Anywho, it may not turn out that Eridan is a big hero in the end or anything but…I STILL think he’s going to have a bigger role, and I will nevver evver let it go.

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